5 Years of Grooming Fun!

5 Years of Grooming Fun!

dog grooming birthday

On 14 July 2017 Sunshine Coast Pet Grooming celebrated our 5th Birthday and would like to say a big thank you to all our fabulous clients and friends.  It has been a pleasure to meet so many lovely people and their beautiful pets.

We have groomed puppy’s and watched them grow up, we have groomed older dogs that have now gone over the rainbow bridge and all ages in between, we have our regulars that come in every week, fortnight and six weeks, we also have our clients who come to our salon once a year when they are on holidays.

Each and every pet has their own individual personality and mannerisms, some run into the salon, bust down the door and can’t wait to see us, others are not so keen because they know we are going to clip their nails and bath them. We truly feel so lucky to groom each and every one and put so much love into everything we do when caring for these gorgeous beings.

Thank you again and we hope to see you soon.


Founder of Sunshine Coast Pet Grooming

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